Barry D Cooper BSc DipCHP HPD AdvDPLT MNCH(Acc) MBPsS

Talks and MindMagic

I am an experienced speaker and I am happy to give talks on hypnotherapy and related subjects to companies, charities, clubs and societies.

In my general talk, I aim to debunk some of the many myths surrounding hypnosis and show how useful hypnotherapy can be for many of the problems of modern living, particularly stress and issues deriving from it and the control of cravings. I explain and demonstrate some of the methods I use, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Techniques. I am not a stage hypnotist and no-one coming ┬áto the talk will be made to do anything – silly or otherwise. Anyone taking part in the demonstrations and group exercises will have an enjoyable and relaxing experience. The talk is intended to be informal and there will be plenty of time to answer your questions.

As an Associate of The Inner Magic Circle and psychic entertainer I can also offer a talk on the paranormal with demonstrations illustrating its various aspects. You can take part in the experiments and if time permits we can discuss your own psychic experiences. If required I can give one-to-one readings based on psychological analysis rather than fortune-telling.