Barry D Cooper BSc DipCHP HPD AdvDPLT MNCH(Acc) MBPsS

Past Life Therapy

Past Life Therapy, or Regression, is a safe, effective form of therapy which has many benefits. My approach is professional and non-judgemental. As a qualified specialist I can help you explore your memories in a safe, supported environment. Whatever your beliefs, we can work together from the point of view that it’s not important whether the past lives that we find together are “real” or not; any past life experiences are generated from information in your unconscious  mind, but how that information entered your unconscious may be regarded as an open question. As the contents of your unconscious have a powerful effect on your life exploring that information is always useful. Even if you don’t need “therapy”, PLT can help you in other ways, such as discovering your life purpose, finding the origins of your interests or exploring present relationships.

The session itself  begins with a brief chat about what you’re looking for and for me to answer any questions before we begin. You’ll then be deeply relaxed – you do not lose control or consciousness – and your unconscious mind will be invited to take you wherever (and whenever) it feels you need to go.

You’ll be aware of your surroundings in my consulting room as well as those in whatever past life you visit. You’ll be able to talk to me, to describe what’s happening, if you wish. The past life may not be a pleasant one, but you can always choose not to go through an unpleasant experience if you wish – you will stay in control.

Don’t expect anything exciting – not everyone has been someone famous in a past life! Past life experiences can seem quite dull, but there will always be a useful lesson you can learn.

For many specific issues other therapeutic techniques may be faster and more effective, but PLT is highly effective for a deeper exploration of who you are, or analysing and healing more complex life problems.

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