Barry D Cooper BSc DipCHP HPD AdvDPLT MNCH(Acc) MBPsS

Pain Control

Hypnosis has been successfully used to treat pain for many years and its applications are well-documented, including its use as an anaesthetic in surgery and dentistry. I have no specific training in those areas, although I have had some success with cases of short-term acute pain; where I can be of most help, however, is in cases of chronic pain – long-term pain which has ceased to be of any use as a warning (to seek medical treatment or “take it easy”) and is now just a burden.

EFT is very effective for pain control, and it is a technique that I can teach you to use for yourself, but I have also been trained in a specific pain control method called “The Arrow” which is especially designed for the relief of chronic pain. The Arrow combines several well-known hypnotic techniques for maximum effect. The treatment is brief and may well give permanent relief, although I can also teach you to how to combine it with self-hypnosis if needed.

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