Barry D Cooper BSc DipCHP HPD AdvDPLT MNCH(Acc) MBPsS

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP is not easy to explain because it is a mixture of a number of techniques which are largely unconnected with each other, “modelled” by Richard Brandler and John Grinder from the work of Milton Erickson and other therapists. It is an approach to human communication and development, based on the premise that by changing how you think you can change what you think. Using NLP can change your mind and your life for faster learning, better relationships and greater success. It can help overcome fears and increase confidence. Formal trance is not necessary for using NLP techniques, but it does help to increase their effects.

Techniques used in NLP include:

  • Language patterns – the Meta and Milton models
  • Representational systems – seeing, hearing and feeling
  • Anchoring – setting triggers for positive responses or states
  • Parts work – talking to different “parts” of your unconscious mind

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