Barry D Cooper BSc DipCHP HPD AdvDPLT MNCH(Acc) MBPsS

Confidence and Self-Esteem

You can take control of your life!

Self-confidence is not something you’re born with; it can be built or boosted to motivate you and help you to feel in control.

You can learn to consider your true worth, gain the right attitude to yourself, manage your emotions, relieve stress, set goals and improve your motivation. I will teach you  do-it-yourself techniques which can help you in virtually any situation.

I have a particular interest in helping with public-speaking confidence. This is one of the most common problems that I deal with; clients may need to give presentations at work or college or they may be facing job interviews, for example. As an experienced speaker myself I’m well aware of the difficulties and can offer tips as well as teaching self-help techniques for fear and nerves.